Greater Canaan Land Church
Bishop Dr. Raymond Bennett, Pastor
"A Church Alive Is Worth the Drive"

The Pastor



Bishop Dr. Raymond Bennett is a remarkable individual with a heart for the people. He has been married to his high school sweetheat, LaVerne Townsend-Bennett for forty-five years. From this union three children were born, Melissia Bennett-Oakes, Ramona Bennett-Silver, and Tanya Bennett-Davis. He is also the grandfather of seven grandchildren and the late Zomaja Ralissa Bennett. Born and raised in Gretna, Virginia; he currently resides in the City of Martinsville, Virginia with his family.

His humble beginnings started with the Gretna Mission in April 1976, in which he baptised forty five new members in one day. From the Gretna Mission to the Canaan Land Church in 1978 and from the Canaan Land Church to the Greater Canaan Land Church in 1995. The Greater Canaan Land Church has members from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington State, and New York City. Through the hardships, setbacks, and failures, Bishop continued pressing toward the mark of the high calling and will soon celebrate 36 years of ministry.  His life, his story, and his drive may not be understood by "man" but this chosen vessel definitely has the favor of God. Bishop Bennett has made a historic mark on the landscape of Christianity by touching the lives of millions throughout the United States.

Among many recognitions and honors, Bishop Bennett has received countless awards from his Community, Colleagues, State/Local Officials as well as the Federal Government Officials for his service to Pittsylvania County and the City of Martinsville:
  • Recommendation Award from the United States House of Representatives (Congressman Virgil Goode)
  • Gold Eagle Awards from the United States Congress
  • Recipient of the United States flag that has flown over the United States Capitol
  • Certificate of Recognition from the House of Delegates
  • Certificate of Recognition from the United States House of Representatives
  • Certificate of Recognition from the United States Senate
  • 5th District Black Caucus Award
  • Awarded the Key to the City (Martinsville, Va)
  • Certificate of Appreciation from WKBY Radio (Chatham, Va)
  • Pastor of the Week from WKBY Radio

Services to the community include but are not limited to:

Serving for years as a television and radio Evangelist, Bishop conquered the airwaves via satellite, cable, and radio in which he ministered to million of viewers on a weekly basis. He also served via the world wide web thru various social networks such as Youtube, Facebook and Myspace. Within his church ministry, he serves the community thru managing GED Tutoring, Basic Computer Skills, First Aid/CPR, Winter Coat Drive, Holiday Canned Food Drive, Transportation Assistance, Prayer Counseling, Jail Inmate Counseling, College Financial Assistance for High School Students, Annual Back to School Supply Drive, Benevolent Fund, N.A.A.C.P, Salvation Army, Fire Department, Rescue Squad, Gretna Library, United Way, Community Game Center, Grief Counseling, and Marriage Counseling.

Bishop is a complete joy to all in his presence.  His kind personality and his Godly character, inspires others to want change.  He does not desire fame or fortune, but simply for those who do not know Jesus Christ, to be saved.  Bishop Bennett's mission is to train spiritual warriors how to inspire the community, build the knowledge of faith, and to work toward a greater good. He is tireless in his efforts to lead souls to Christ and to serve as a positive role model not only to young people but to the elderly as well.  He motivates those seeking spiritual healing and enlightenment find the path to lead them to Jesus Christ.